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6th Annual Surfrider Bloody Mary Contest

2019 Bloody Mary Competitors:


Join us Sunday 2/17/19 at the Wicked Tuna to see who has the BEST BLOODY MARY ON THE BEACH!

You don’t have to be a bartender or a restaurant to enter – just bring 5-10gal of your best ORIGINAL Bloody mix and we’ll supply the vodka – TITO’s HANDMADE VODKA!!!

REGISTRATION: $35 per team.  Additional recipes just $15 each. Enter online or by mail. Use PayPal or send a check to our PO Box on a first-come-first-serve basis.The PayPal payment email is If you want to email your completed entry/application send it to

Checks payable to: Surfrider Grand Strand. PO Box 15038, Surfside Beach, SC 29587.

NON-PROFITS: Registered 501c3 non-profit organizations are invited at no charge again this year. To sign up, email proof of non-profit status and the names and contact info of at least 2 volunteers to assist with cleanup ASAP. to THANK YOU!

OCEAN FRIENDLY RESTAURANTS (OFR): In 2018, Surfrider launched the Ocean Friendly Restaurant program to help reduce the impact of single-use plastics and other harmful products on our oceans and beaches. So far, over 400 businesses have signed up nationwide. Join TODAY to receive discounts on eco-friendly products like paper straws from participating sponsors. All members get listed on the national OFR database and the local OFR locator. In addition, you’ll qualify for FREE VENDOR AND COMPETITOR REGISTRATION at 2019 Surfrider Grand Strand events. Cool, no?

Contest Rules & Regulations:

Bring 5-10 gallons of original Bloody Mary Mix and your own garnish. We will supply the souvenir tasting cups and the vodka. Bring a tent, table, team sign/banner and decorate as you see fit – the more you stand out, the more likely you are to win the People’s Choice Award.

CHECK IN: Volunteers will be on site at 7am to sign you in and show you to your spot. It’s a bottleneck so drop off your gear and move your vehicle BEFORE setting up. Georgetown County will close the entrance at 9am. Anyone not on site by 9am will be not be allowed to compete.

ZERO FOOTPRINT: This is a No Plastic/No Styrofoam event. NO PLASTIC STRAWS, SWORDS, or TOOTHPICKS! No plastic water bottles, plastic bags, Styrofoam or plastic cups, or other such nonsense. Separate trash and recycling to help us keep your spot clean. Everyone needs to be packed up and ready to roll by 6pm. Remember, spots will be numbered; anyone who does not clean up after themselves will not be asked back.

Tasting: Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer unlimited Bloody Mary’s. Instead, we will check ID’s, stamp hands, and sell Bloody Mary tickets redeemable for one 3oz sample each.

Patrons will re-use their souvenir tasting glasses so NO RIMMING GLASSES – it’s just nasty.

Serve only 3oz samples in Surfrider glasses only. Serving in unapproved cups/glasses, serving samples over 3oz, or selling Bloody Mary’s is strictly prohibited. Anyone found violating this policy will be disqualified. NOTE: Send anyone who wants a full-size drink to the Tito’s Tent or Tuna Shak.

People’s Choice: Bring a fishbowl, etc. to collect tickets for the People’s Choice Award. Tickets must be turned in no later than 5pm – late tickets will not be counted. Again, 1 ticket per sample, please.

You may continue to serve Bloody Mary’s after 5pm; however, you must be ready to roll by 6pm for permit/insurance reasons. Again, see Zero Footprint for clarification.

Garnish: Be creative but make sure each garnish will fit on a 3oz glass and remember to bring at least one FULL SIZE GARNISH for the judges. Again, no PLASTIC swords, toothpicks, etc.

Vodka: Tito’s Handmade Vodka reminds you to please pour responsibly; we don’t want to over serve anyone, including team members. Check for hand stamps and ask for ID if you think someone is under age. If someone looks too tipsy to serve, don’t serve them. Grab a Surfrider member if you need help.

Every team gets 2 bottles to start off, and we will resupply teams throughout the day. We have MORE TITOS this year but If we run out, we run out. Resupply crews will circulate on a regular basis, just be patient. NOTE: Making the strongest drink doesn’t mean you’ll win, only depletes our supply faster.

Blind Judging: Starting at noon, volunteers will collect five 3oz samples and one 16oz sample of each recipe – with garnish –identified by a randomly assigned number. Judges will be sequestered and have NO idea what team each number represents. Do NOT include your team name with your samples or use your own glassware; it defeats the purpose of “blind” judging.

NOTE: This policy will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.

Scoring: A team of 5 judges will score each recipe on Taste, Heat, Originality, and Garnish – a possible 5pts per category for a possible 20 pts per judge. The highest score out of 100 will win Best Overall. The highest score in each category, for example Garnish, will win that category. We will announce the winners at 5:30pm and on our website and social media following the event.

ENOUGH RULES!!!: We want to keep it organized and fair not stomp on anyone’s fun. Feel free to tailgate and goof off as much as possible. Dress up, decorate your spot, hand out menus or coupons or business cards … whatever. HAVE A GOOD TIME! Just respect our volunteers, the staff, the community, and the venue – we want to host this event and others like it here for years to come.

UPDATES: Follow Surfrider Grand Strand on Facebook or visit for more info or to become a Surfrider member, sponsor, volunteer, and/or Ocean Friendly Restaurant.

It’s up to YOU to make this year’s event a success. Don’t forget to invite your friends and share it on social media as much as possible, including challenging your friends to compete; it wouldn’t be fun without a little friendly trash talk.

Remember to drink responsibly and assign a designated driver, carpool, taxi, Uber, or Lyft so everyone gets home safely. Creekside Cab will be on site for easy pickup: 843-357-8444.

Thank you and LONG LIVE THE BEACH!!!


Aubin Hooker

Event Coordinator

Vice Chair, Surfrider Grand Strand